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Awful news has surfaced for the Canadiens' draft lottery chances

Published April 17, 2024 at 7:58 PM

Even though the Montreal Canadiens' season is officially over, Kent Hughes and the fans will have some action tonight.

The Edmonton Oilers will be in Arizona at 10 pm to face the Coyotes for the last time in their small university arena.

This game is very important for the CH!

If the Coyotes end their evening with no points, they steal the 5th best lottery ticket from the Tricolore and increase their chances of getting Macklin Celebrini (the 1st overall pick), in addition to surpassing Montreal in the preliminary draft order.

However, if the Coyotes gain at least one point tonight, the Montreal Canadiens will officially have the 5th position (total) in the NHL's reverse standings, and thus, the 5th best lottery ticket.

This is an important duel for the future of the Canadiens.

Major acquisition for the Habs at the draft during the first round: surprise announcement from the Oilers that hurts the CH's probabilities

Many fans and experts really believed in the Coyotes' chances of gaining a point tonight, because the Oilers have absolutely nothing to gain.

It was therefore believed that they would take the opportunity to rest their best players, especially a certain Connor McDavid who is carrying an injury (and probably Leon Draisaitl), but unfortunately, this will not be the case.

Bad news for Kent Hughes and the CH: the Oilers will have a complete and powerful lineup tonight!

To the surprise of many, this is what Bob Stauffer has just confirmed. They are going at 100%!

"It seems that the Oilers' plan is definitely not to sit one of their key forwards tonight, except for Evander Kane, who remains injured and evaluated day by day." - DFO Fantasy

Here is the lineup against which the Coyotes must gain (at least) one point:




Stay tuned tonight!

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Awful news has surfaced for the Canadiens' draft lottery chances

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