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Top Defenseman Prospect May Be on the Verge of Being Traded

Published March 22, 2024 at 7:11 PM

We witnessed a rather surprising debate on BPM Sports, as Georges Laraque and Stéphane Gonzalez discussed the potential next major trade by Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens.

The idea isn't completely far-fetched because it's true that the Habs will soon have a significant surplus in defense and need an additional impactful forward, but still.

Kent Hughes has already publicly stated that he wants to use his many assets to make a transaction "like Kirby Dach", that is, to add a player who can play in the team's top 6, but will he go as far as to sacrifice a Logan Mailloux or a Lane Hutson?

This is what Laraque and Gonzo seem to believe.

Michael Matheson, David Savard, Kaiden Guhle, Arber Xhekaj, Jayden Struble, Johnathan Kovacevic, Jordan Harris, Justin Barron, David Reinbacher, Adam Engstrom, Logan Mailloux, and Lane Hutson... choices will have to be made.

On BPM Sports, the topic of a major trade involving a promising young CH defenseman to add a true top 6 talent was therefore addressed.

»According to Georges Laraque and Gonzo, the Canadiens will have to sacrifice one of Reinbacher, Guhle, Hutson, or Mailloux to acquire a real quality top-6 player." - BPM Sports

Laraque argues that the Canadiens would let go of Lane Hutson, while Gonzo believes more likely it would be Logan Mailloux.

Both agree that Kaiden Guhle is not moving.

The topic even bounced back during Martin Lemay's drive home show, and once again, the guys agreed that Guhle is not moving.

They would like David Reinbacher to be the one, but they all firmly believe that Kent Hughes will never do that. (for obvious reasons)

To go back to the suggestions of Laraque and Gonzalez.

Laraque and Hutson

For my part, Lane Hutson is an absolute untouchable, and it would be completely stupid of Kent Hughes to trade a highly dynamic young defenseman who has the same development trajectory as Quinn Hughes and Adam Fox.

I'm one of the biggest fans of the CH acquiring Trevor Zegras, but even for Zegras, I wouldn't touch Hutson.

Gonzalez and Mailloux

As for a trade involving Logan Mailloux, again, I think it would be risky to trade a young player who is just beginning to show his huge offensive potential.

I wouldn't trade him, but I'd be a bit more open to the idea. (compared to Hutson)

In an ideal world, I'd pair a 1st round pick with a Justin Barron or a Jordan Harris, but it's clear their value is less.

A file to follow, in any case!

Are you on the side of Georges, Gonzo, or do you also believe that neither Mailloux nor Hutson should be traded?

Among the top 6 forwards who are likely to come up frequently in trade rumors this summer, and those whom Kent Hughes might inquire about, are Martin Necas, Trevor Zegras, and Kaapo Kakko, among others.

There was also Casey Mittelstadt, but he has already been traded to the Avalanche.


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Top Defenseman Prospect May Be on the Verge of Being Traded

Which one would you trade for a top 6 forward?

Mailloux11420 %
Hutson508.8 %
Reinbacher356.2 %
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