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The Canadiens have possibly drafted the next Sebastian Aho

Published April 26, 2024 at 10:24

Another very promising young forward has been acquired by the Montreal Canadiens organization, and the Canadiens have hit the jackpot.

With the 64th overall pick in the 2021 draft (second round), the CH selected forward Oliver Kapanen.

And according to several sources, Kent Hughes is officially on the verge of signing him and adding him to his lineup.

Acquisition of Oliver Kapanen: a jackpot for Kent Hughes and the Canadiens

While many experts already mentioned that Kapanen was the best player in Finland's top league during the most recent playoffs (despite his very young age), his head coach just added a lot to that in an interview with the excellent Nicolas Cloutier, from TVA Sports.

«You've hit the jackpot with Oliver, he began, showing his colors from the start of the phone interview. What I told him at our last team dinner was: 'First, earn a spot with Finland at the World Hockey Championship and second, make sure that by October, you are playing in Montreal.» - Petri Karjalainen

We love it! Clearly, his head coach isn't afraid to raise expectations and put a bit of pressure on him

"Although nothing is confirmed, backstage discussions suggest that Kapanen might soon sign with the CH, but could still play a season in Europe before joining the NHL.»

He even engaged in the game of comparisons, and once again, it's really intriguing:

«Aho and Kapanen have similar strengths. They are two players who are not necessarily spectacular, but very effective in both ends of the rink. You win hockey games with players like them on your team. Oliver won't be leading the first line in Montreal, but he could become a second or third line center for a while»

So, Oliver Kapanen will be a name to keep a close eye on over the next few years, and we are eagerly waiting for the CH to officially confirm his signing.

It should happen this summer.

Kapanen, 20 years old, has amassed 61 points over the last two seasons in the SM-liiga, including 26 goals in about a hundred games. (34 points in 51 games this season)

In the playoffs, he collected 14 points in 13 games, including seven goals.

To read the full text by Nicolas Cloutier from TVA Sports, click here:

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The Canadiens have possibly drafted the next Sebastian Aho

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