Brendan Gallagher and his mother Della
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Terrible announcement and sad news for Brendan Gallagher: he has just broken the silence

Published March 21, 2024 at 9:30

About two weeks ago, we learned terrible news concerning forward Brendan Gallagher. His family publicly announced that Brendan's mother is very ill.

Sadly, she has been diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer with a high risk of recurrence.

It was Gally' sister, Bree Gallagher, who shared the news and took the opportunity to launch a fundraiser in honor of their mother.

A very beautiful gesture.

Their extremely important goal is to assist other local families facing similar situations, but who do not have the same medical resources available.

Brendan Gallagher had remained silent since then, something we absolutely respect, but he has just broken the silence for the first time.

In an interview with Eric Engels of Sportsnet, Gallagher showed courage:

"I've sometimes had difficulties... especially the first year, there were hard times."

"Having Emma (my fiancée) at home is very important to me, I can talk to her. Especially when we are away from family, I call as much as possible, but it has been difficult."

«I think every kid takes a little bit from both their parents, but my mom is the competitive one. I get that from her,» he said. «They're both incredibly hard workers, but my mom is so competitive. I think she's worked for everything her whole life.

«At Christmas time, we play games like Jeopardy or something like that, and she's a cheater [laughs]. But it's because she's incredibly competitive, and that's something I have taken from her.»

- Brendan Gallagher

Read the full statement: Sportsnet

The LINK to the fundraising page and details is right here.

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Terrible announcement and sad news for Brendan Gallagher: he has just broken the silence

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