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Surprise: David Reinbacher on the Canadiens' blue line in two weeks? It has officially been raised as a possibility

Published February 17, 2024 at 3:02 PM

When Kent Hughes announced the selection of David Reinbacher with the fifth overall pick in the last NHL draft, many fans were disappointed by the management's decision to turn to a defenseman.

However, with a bit of hindsight, we must admit that this decision was a good option, as the young prospect was able to play an additional season in Europe to continue his development.

But now, with the end of his season in Switzerland approaching, Reinbacher could very well be showing up in North America in the coming weeks.

As reported by the site, the team of the Canadiens' first pick in 2023, HC Kloten, is having a rather difficult season and should be excluded from the playoffs there.

At least that's what informant Marc-Olivier Beaudoin mentioned via his X account, and here's how, according to him, Reinbacher's arrival within the Canadiens organization could happen, as the situation is quite complex.

"The last regular season game for HC Kloten is March 4.

If they finish in ranks 11 or 12, they will neither go to the playoffs nor relegation, so Reinbacher could come over immediately.

If they finish in ranks 13 or 14, they must play a relegation series in a best-of-7 format, with the first match being on March 16 and the last on March 30. If they win this series, Reinbacher could then come over. If they lose this series, they MIGHT have to play a series against the champions of the NLB (with Kloten playing in the NLA), but it's possible that this may not happen for reasons of infrastructure and budget, I'm told. [...]

In short, we have to hope that HC Kloten finishes in 12th place and Rapperswill in 13th place so that, Reinbacher could take the plane to Montreal on March 4 or 5. Otherwise, it significantly delays the matter and... I think many of us are eager to see him play closer to home!"

Let's just say it's quite the puzzle, this situation.

So, to better guide you, in the best-case scenario, David Reinbacher could join the Canadiens organization at the beginning of March, while in the worst-case scenario, he could potentially arrive in North America with only a few regular season games left to play.

Until then, it remains to be seen what Kent Hughes' plan is for his young defenseman, whether he sends him to the Laval Rocket or decides to bring him to the big club.
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Surprise: David Reinbacher on the Canadiens' blue line in two weeks? It has officially been raised as a possibility

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