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Sean Monahan made a big move that hints at his return to the Canadiens this summer

Published February 24, 2024 at 9:33

Sean Monahan's departure is clearly felt by the Montreal Canadiens, as he is an excellent hockey player and only 29 years old.

Yes, he has many years ahead of him, and yes, he will still be good when the CH is on its way to the playoffs.

Monahan has accumulated 35 points in 49 games with the Habs, and he already has 5 goals in 7 games with the Winnipeg Jets.

What if Monahan returned to the CH next summer?

We have several clues that give us hope.

1. Martin St-Louis really loves him, and we learned this when Kent Hughes recounted how difficult it was for him to call his head coach to announce that he had just traded him to Winnipeg.

2. The players love him. They still talk about him quite often in press conferences, and we even have the young Juraj Slafkovsky continuing his pre-game ritual he had with Monahan (even though he's no longer there). That says a lot.

3. Even Monahan made a major gesture towards Montreal last summer.

"Moreover, during a segment on BPM Sports, journalist Mathias Brunet from La Presse revealed that last summer, Monahan had accepted less money from the Canadiens than what he had on the table from other teams."

Moreover, Monahan is well aware that Kent Hughes was the first to revive his career and give him a new chance.

In short, Monahan loves Montreal, Montreal loves Monahan, Montreal's players love Monahan, and Montreal's bosses also love Monahan.

Don't be surprised if he returns to the Canadiens on July 1st. Would you do a contract of 4.9 million per year for three seasons?

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Sean Monahan made a big move that hints at his return to the Canadiens this summer

A contract of $4.9 million per year for three seasons with Sean Monahan, would you do it?

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No11414.5 %
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