New development regarding a potential coaching job for Paul Byron

Elias Edmonson
May 27, 2024  (1:10 PM)

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The head coach of the Laval Rocket, Jean-François Houle, has been at the center of several firing discussions in recent weeks.

The one who is not "Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton's man," after being hired by Marc Bergevin, would finally be in a good position to return behind the Rocket's bench next season. Wow.
According to what we have been reading for the past few weeks, particularly with Sylvain Favreau's name circulating a lot, we truly believed that J-F Houle had coached his last game behind the bench in Laval.

Turnaround: it would be confirmed for the return of Jean-François Houle!

According to information from Maxime Truman, the negotiations between J-F Houle and the Laval Rocket would be very advanced.
"I went to the sources in recent days and it seems that the negotiations would be very advanced between the Rocket and its head coach. Unless there is a last-minute turnaround, Houle should be back at the helm of the Rocket in 2024-25." - Maxime Truman

It could even be announced in the coming days.
This is obviously great news for Houle, and it is a big decision by the Montreal Canadiens organization.
Especially for a young team, the role of the head coach of the farm team is extremely important for the development of prospects.
Houle has been the only head coach of the Laval Rocket since Joël Bouchard's departure, and seeing how the young players develop when they spend time in the AHL, we imagine he is doing an excellent job.
Let's remember that Kelly Buchberger, for his part, will not return as an assistant in Laval, and Paul Byron could be hired to replace him.
There will therefore be changes behind the bench in Laval, but these changes would not affect the head coach.
Do not be surprised if, in the next few days, we have a statement published, a statement announcing Houle's return and Paul Byron's hiring as an assistant.
Byron, 35, scored 7 points in 27 games for the Montreal Canadiens in 2022. He was a solid player for the organization from 2015 to 2022 and is very appreciated by the players.
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New development regarding a potential coaching job for Paul Byron

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