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Major new statement from Jeff Gorton on Martin St-Louis and it's settled

Published March 19, 2024 at 8:39 PM

Earlier this year, some journalists questioned the possibility of seeing Martin St-Louis stay for the long term and win with the Montreal Canadiens.

Unfortunately, some had doubts.

Will Martin St-Louis be the head coach of the team when it comes time to make the playoffs and win?

Jeff Gorton has very clearly settled the matter.

Major statement from Jeff Gorton on Martin St-Louis and he has settled the matter regarding his future

See the essence of his statement.

"We feel we have found the right coach for us with Martin. He is the perfect coach for the CH." - Jeff Gorton

We love it! It's quite an endorsement and he is absolutely right!

The young players have made so much progress since Martin St-Louis arrived, and furthermore, there are actually players from other NHL teams who publicly state they would like to play for him.

That's big.

We sometimes take him for granted, but his current absence reminds us how much he brings to the team.

It's great to see Jeff Gorton publicly give him a dose of love, and it must really feel good to Martin.

Gorton also explains at the end that St-Louis fits well with the organization's culture, especially because he knows how to talk to young players and how to make a player better.

We've often seen him talk with players individually and literally stay after some practices with just one player.

He's the only one in the league to do that.

"Ultimately, the management likes the work Martin St-Louis has done since his hiring. The organization feels that the coach has what it takes to propel the club to the highest summits, and it is pleasing to see the confidence that exists at this level." - Marc-Olivier Cook


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Major new statement from Jeff Gorton on Martin St-Louis and it's settled

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