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Lane Hutson and Cole Caufield
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Cole Caufield makes a crazy statement on Lane Hutson's 1st practice

Published April 15, 2024 at 7:15 PM

The young defenseman of the Montreal Canadiens, Lane Hutson, quickly made a name for himself today at the Bell Centre.

He's already creating quite a buzz, thanks to his evident talent on the ice.

Check out the images:

"I always love seeing videos that show the true team spirit, fun camaraderie, and brotherly love of this Canadiens team. The atmosphere is impeccable!" - Via HabsOnReddit

We can't wait to see him play tonight! He seems very excited as well:

"It's pretty surreal honestly. Just being here with this group, it's really cool. I'm just really excited.. The guys have been great to me, they were really super inviting, made it really easy for me to get comfortable.»

- Lane Hutson today on joining the Habs

Even Cole Caufield seems very impressed and excited about Hutson:

A great way to impress his teammates!

Cole Caufield: "It was nasty!"

- Via RDS

The 62nd overall pick of the CH in 2022 will play his first career game in the National Hockey League in the next few minutes, and just hours after signing his entry-level contract with Kent Hughes.

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Hutson, 20 years old, the 62nd overall pick in 2022 (second round), amassed 49 points in 38 games this season at Boston University, including 15 goals.

Last season, he had scored 48 points in 39 games at Boston University, also including 15 goals.

What are your expectations for him?

Highlights of Hutson's first game:

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Cole Caufield makes a crazy statement on Lane Hutson's 1st practice

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