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Canadiens Media Sends a Firm Message to Juraj Slafkovsky After Jarring Interview

Published February 29, 2024 at 11:03

Over the past few hours and following the CH's most recent game, the young Juraj Slafkovsky has been talked about for the wrong reasons (for his indiscipline).

Punished by Martin St-Louis against the Arizona Coyotes, the excellent Slaf has just received a very clear message from the veteran journalist Jonathan Bernier, from the Journal de Montréal.

«Juraj Slafkovsky will have to learn to keep his mouth shut.» - JdeM

You have the full text just above, but in short, we learn that the young Slovak forward maybe talks a bit too much to the referees.

«To progress and develop in the NHL, it's not just about improving your skating, gaining confidence, making quicker decisions, and refining your defensive play, it's also about learning to keep your mouth shut.

This is the realization that Juraj Slafkovsky has been coming to over the past few games. [...]

«I probably talk too much to the referees. That's surely part of the problem. I need to be nicer when I get a penalty. I shouldn't yell so much.» - Juraj Slafkovsky

Following this excerpt from Bernier's article, we understand that the young player knows he needs to be more careful, but at the same time, it's good to see that he is so passionate and involved.

One day, when he is a respected NHL veteran (hopefully), he will be able to get away with more with the referees, but not for now.

It reminds us of what Brendan Gallagher experienced with the Montreal Canadiens.

Maybe number 11 could give some advice and lessons learned to his young teammate?
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Canadiens Media Sends a Firm Message to Juraj Slafkovsky After Jarring Interview

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