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An ex-employee of the Canadiens just issued a warning to Kent Hughes

Published April 12, 2024 at 8:50 PM

In November 2021, Geoff Molson fired his GM Marc Bergevin, his assistant Trevor Timmins, and the Senior Vice President of Communications Paul Wilson.

More than two and a half years later, it seems that the former hockey boss of the CH has made peace with his old organization.

Present on the JiC show on TVA Sports to talk about the President's Cup, Paul Wilson was willing to talk about his former boss. Bergevin, who is now an assistant to GM Rob Blake at the Los Angeles Kings, likes his new role which involves traveling and meeting a lot of people. According to Wilson, he has made peace with his dismissal and has moved on.

Former GMs, they're peculiar creatures. They've lived this all their life. [...] It's certain that when it happens, your esteem takes a small hit, but Marc has gotten through it. He holds no grudges against anyone. He's now in Los Angeles, and he's very happy - Paul Wilson

Wilson, who worked for the CH for a long time, also took advantage of his airtime to send a message to the new team management. While he likes what he sees at the moment, the former Vice President of the CH Group warned them that what goes up can come down.

I think they're doing a good job. Now, Montreal being what it is and having experienced it from the inside, it's certain that people will be patient. There's a kind of honeymoon that I think is stretching a bit, which is very correct, but the fans will demand results at some point.»

«A rebuild doesn't necessarily happen in three years. It can take five. I think the Canadiens' management is making the right moves, but there will come a time when it will be more difficult." - Paul Wilson

An intriguing warning.

We remember that the arrival of Marc Bergevin in 2012 brought a breath of fresh air, but that everything drastically changed over the course of his tenure. It will therefore be interesting to see how long the honeymoon between the fans and the Hughes-Gorton duo will last.

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An ex-employee of the Canadiens just issued a warning to Kent Hughes

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