Yanni Gourde confided to 91.9 Sports about his future life

Published August 24, 2021 at 10:10

Yanni Gourde was on 91.9 Sports, then he said he was surprised that the Kraken selected him because of the quality Lightning players that were available with him. He was sure that Ondrej Palat or Alex Killorn, two key pieces of the Lightning, would be selected. Especially since Gourde had just undergone shoulder surgery, which will keep him off the ice until November.

Despite the shock, Gourde seems very excited about the challenge of being part of an expansion franchise. He can't wait for it to start so he can start tripping with the group of new players that will be assembled in Seattle. The 29-year-old center is looking at things the right way and will have fond memories of his long stay in Tampa Bay.

While he still hasn't really talked hockey with the organization, they've talked about anything and everything, he assures that management is taking VERY good care of their new colts, of which there are many. With 23 players coming to Seattle all at once, management has sent out pamphlets to all players to help them find a home near the team's facilities.

Moreover, what is the most complex for a player remains the move. The Quebecer pointed out that there are many things to think about and plan for, such as the sale of the house, the cars, the schools, the furniture to be stored temporarily... Not to mention the phones for the multitude of address changes. In Gourde's case, he seems to be very involved in this aspect to help his spouse.

In short, Gourde once again delivered a ton of positive comments during this interview, which leads me to believe that he could certainly wear a letter on his jersey with his new formation. As the other guy would say... to be continued!
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