When Wayne Gretzky stands up for Marc Bergevin

Published October 20, 2021 at 8:05 PM

It's all the rage at the Montreal Canadiens, where commitment and leadership are being questioned. It's not a coincidence that Marc Bergevin came before the media to take the heat for his team, he who has done so regularly when his club was dragging in the mud.

Bergevin is a team player. He is aware that the absences of Shea Weber, whom he praised again from top to bottom, indicating what a special human he was, and Carey Price could not be filled. Guys like that can't be replaced, so it's up to the other soldiers to rally.

In short, we saw a general manager in control, much more alive than his last appearance in front of the lenses (to announce Carey's absence). He is not the type of individual to give in to panic.

By the way, Wayne Gretzky, the Wonder, supports Marc Bergevin 100%, and added that the Montreal Canadiens were in good hands:

Note that the heat is now on Geoff Molson's side as Bergevin has clearly indicated his desire to continue his reign in Montreal. Geoff, can you please settle? Thanks!
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