What you may not know about Christian Dvorak

Published September 5, 2021 at 9:16

Christian Dvorak is a new member of the Montreal Canadiens, so there is more certainty at the center position now. Dvorak, despite being 25 years old, is an established player in the NHL and will certainly be playing as the Canadiens' 2nd center. One thing to remember, he plays like a winner. For a coach, he is a dream player, like Patrice Bergeron can be!

"If he plays for you, you'll notice all the little details in his game. He's able to score in front of the net on the power play, but it's also the way he prepares; he's a real professional. He brings a lot of things that you don't necessarily see, but if you play with him or 'coach' him, you're going to love him. He plays like a winner," said Bill Armstrong, GM of the Coyotes.

Add to that the Montreal Canadiens' new catch is one of the six best 200-foot center players in the National Hockey League. He played huge minutes in highlights of a game with the Arizona Coyotes last season. He has the perfect assets for Dominique Ducharme to fall in love with, and should be used in all sorts of ways.

While we're on the subject of love, Dvorak was an extremely popular teammate. In front of the media, he is calm and in control, but he has a sense of humor that is underrated in a locker room. According to what's circulated about him, as soon as he entered the Coyotes environment in 2016, he had the makings of a veteran. In short, while not spectacular, he will still become a crowd favorite with his arsenal of skills.

By the way, Christian Dvorak probably didn't expect to leave the Coyotes since he just bought a new house two days ago...

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