We witnessed a special scene during the Montreal Canadiens' practice

Published February 24, 2023 at 7:06 PM

We take it a bit for granted, but it still needs to be pointed out. We witnessed a special scene today at the CH practice.

As you know, yesterday, Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes claimed forward Chris Tierney in the National Hockey League waivers (from the Florida Panthers).

Why did they do this? Simply because he is an efficient player, who was cheap to acquire, who earns the NHL minimum salary ($750,000) and his contract ends this summer.

According to most experts, Tierney is just passing through Montreal and may even be returned to the NHL waivers relatively soon.

And even if it's not the case, he probably won't be re-signed this summer and Tierney might not be with the Tricolore for next season.

Despite all these reasons, head coach Martin St-Louis took a lot of time today during the team's morning practice to talk with Tierney and to take an interest in him.

Imagine how important and welcome he must have felt.

As soon as he arrived, his new "coach" took the time to have a good one-on-one chat with him in the middle of practice on a game day.

We call him back. We take it for granted with Martin St-Louis, but it's extremely rare to see an NHL head coach do that, especially with a depth guy, and especially with a guy who may not be in town for very long.

That says a lot, once again, about Martin St-Louis. The real deal!

It's good to be reminded of that!

See the pictures:

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We witnessed a special scene during the Montreal Canadiens' practice

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