We now know why Christian Dvorak has not yet been traded and that could change

Published September 4, 2022 at 12:35

Christian Dvorak's trade value has been the subject of much rumor and speculation in recent weeks, especially with the recent news linking the Montreal Canadiens and the New York Rangers to a trade:

Some observers and fans are wondering if Dvorak could be included in a trade for a young right-handed defenseman like Nils Lundkvist or for winger Vitali Kravtsov.

However, we learned last week that Dvorak's trade value would be surprisingly low and disappointing.

We now have more precise information and it is not particularly encouraging.

According to Jimmy Murphy of MTLHockeyNow, who has excellent sources in the NHL and often quotes executives, the Montreal Canadiens "would be lucky to receive a third-round pick, in exchange for Dvorak."

This makes it clear why Kent Hughes did not trade him. This is quite a change from last year, but anyway, it could change quickly, with a good start to the season.

With Montreal's surplus of centers, it should come as no surprise if Dvorak is traded, but don't think Hughes will settle for a third round pick. The Habs general manager will be waiting for the right opportunity and the right time.

That's why Dvorak is still with the CH, despite reports that he's on the trade market.

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We now know why Christian Dvorak has not yet been traded and that could change

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