We just learned a major information about a possible signing of Kris Letang in Montreal

Published March 12, 2022 at 10:39

This is a topic that is attracting more and more attention for the Montreal Canadiens: could Kris Letang really sign with the Habs this summer?

It all started when Renaud Lavoie made small statements like: "I can't wait to see Kris Letang with the Canadiens". We can say what we want, but Lavoie hosts a podcast with Letang and the two are good friends.

It's quite possible that he knows a lot more about him than we do.

Second, there's TSN's Pierre LeBrun, who made it clear that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton want to sign a star player this summer through the free agent market. They want to spend.

Many amateurs and observers were skeptical, including the excellent Marc-Olivier Beaudoin. Well this morning, as part of his Saturday text, on the DansLesCoulisses.com website , Beaudoin learned new information and now he believes it:

«However, I was able to learn that there was indeed interest on the part of the two clans for a future union as early as this summer. And be careful, I'm not telling you that the contract is done in advance and that all the parameters are settled. Just that, contrary to what I believed just a few days ago, it's a real possibility since the "coming home" factor weighs heavily in the balance for the Letang family and Kent Hughes has a real interest. to bring the veteran defender into his young squad." -Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

This is major information: there is indeed interest, on both sides, to bring Letang to Montreal. (the defender AND the Habs GM are interested in making it all work)

Letang would be looking for a 5-year contract, with an annual value of 7 million per season. Will Hughes offer it to him? It's possible, but for that, there is one condition: he will have to get rid of Jeff Petry's contract.

I think the ideal scenario for the Habs would be to trade Petry for a good prospect and/or a good pick, and then sign Letang this summer, thanks to the space freed up under the salary cap.

It would be amazing as a move for Kent Hughes and for Jeff Gorton to replace Petry, with: Letang + a youngster + (a pick?).

Imagine the scenario! It seems like a real possibility and more and more evidence are starting to pile up.

For all the interesting details:

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