We have just learned that Cole Caufield has made a major request to his agent

Published June 6, 2023 at 11:59 PM

In a recent interview, Cole Caufield's agent, Pat Brisson, provided more details about the backstage negotiations of the new contract for number 22 of the Montreal Canadiens.

He notably revealed that, as a good agent, he discussed with Caufield and his family the possibility of signing a shorter-term contract, to possibly hit the jackpot sooner (like Auston Matthews did in Toronto).

However, Brisson added that the youngster quickly dismissed this possibility, because he had no doubt and he didn't want to wait.

Cole Caufield made it clear to his agent that he loves Montreal and wants to stay with the Canadiens as long as possible. His priority wasn't money, but to stay in Montreal for a long time.

So, he insisted on asking his agent for a long-term contract.

Cole Caufield never wanted to know anything about a bridge contract to become a free agent faster.

Caufield specifically asked his agent for a contract with a minimum of 6 years, and ideally an 8-year contract.

"He loved the direction the team was taking. He loves the city, he loves Quebec. [...] He wanted at least six years."

- Pat Brisson

Wow! Caufield doesn't lie when he says he loves Montreal and his ultimate priority is to stay here for a very long time.

It feels so good to have a youngster like him!

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We have just learned that Cole Caufield has made a major request to his agent

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