Vancouver Canucks star reportedly looking for a flame on Tinder

Published August 8, 2021 at 2:15 PM

According to the Hockey Benders page on Instagram, Vancouver Canucks star defenseman Quinn Hughes is reportedly actively looking for a flame on the popular dating site Tinder.

This may not be an extremely popular news, but I have to say it's pretty funny that a professional player needs Tinder to find love. Usually, just being a hockey player is enough for the ladies.

Maybe dear Quinn Hughes is an awkward little guy? He seems to be a serious young man, hence his description on Tinder.

"cool guy looking for a girl to chill."

A simple description for a simple and reserved young man, at first glance. Still, Hughes is likely to be a hit, with admirers likely to be a dime of a dozen. This young "super star" and future multi-millionaire is bound to have no trouble finding love, or any other kind of relationship...

Who's lucky?
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