Two interesting names have just been placed on waivers

Published October 3, 2022 at 2:55 PM

It was finally time to find out who was placed on waivers today, and there are some interesting names.

Of course, the first right to claim a player goes to the Montreal Canadiens.

This means that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton can claim the player of their choice. If they want a player that is on waivers, they just have to claim him and bingo, the player in question will become a Montreal Canadiens player.

Among the many players put on today (we will publish the complete list), here are the most interesting ones:

Alex Barre-Boulet (TB)
Gemel Smith (TB)
Kevin Stenlund (WPG)
Olli Juolvei (ANA)

It's a shame because we already have a massive surplus at forward for the Tricolore, but Barre-Boulet is really interesting.

He's a 25 year old Quebecer who put up a very solid 63 points in only 58 games in the AHL last season (and 6 points in 16 NHL games). (like a Yanni Gourde or a Carter Verhaeghe)

Otherwise, there's Juolevi. A 24 year old left handed defenseman drafted 5th overall in 2016 who has battled injuries since his draft year, but had excellent potential. He has a combined 41 games in the NHL.

Juolevi is more of a long shot, but we really like Barré-Boulet and his $758,333 salary for another two years. This could really become a steal!

More details to follow!

October 3   |   154 answers
Two interesting names have just been placed on waivers

If you had to claim one of the 2, who would it be?

Alex Barre-Boulet9763 %
Olli Juolvei5737 %
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