Two Canadiens players have officially been placed on the trade market by Kent Hughes

Published December 18, 2022 at 6:30 PM

In the past few hours, the reputable site The Athletic has released its very interesting list of 25 players to watch very closely on the trade market.

Two CH players in the top 20 most likely to be traded this year.

Despite the team's surprising success this season, Kent Hughes is dedicated to looking ahead and building a team that will be dominant for a long time.

He's staying the course, sticking to his plan and doing very well.

So that means that veterans could be traded for youth, and/or for quality picks. It's 99% certain that a veteran impact player will be traded by Kent Hughes by the trade deadline.

According to The Athletic, and as Marc-Olivier Cook reports, two Habs players have been more specifically identified.

Joel Edmundson (18th) and Sean Monahan (14th) are officially among the 20 players most likely to be traded this season, according to knowledgeable sources.

Their names are reportedly circulating widely on the trade market.

In the case of Monahan, it's difficult because he's really useful to the CH, we love him and he's still relatively young, but at the same time, he'll be a free agent next summer and he could command a hefty contract.

And on top of that, the trade offers for Kent Hughes will be very attractive (possibly a valuable 2023 first round pick).

Edmundson on his way out?

In Edmundson's case, he fits less into Martin St. Louis' system of play and could become Kent Hughes' 2023 Ben Chiarot, in the sense that the veteran defenseman could fetch a surprising return on the trade market, especially coming from a team looking to add a good veteran for their upcoming playoff run.

Imagine if Kent Hughes was actually offered a solid prospect or pick, for "Eddy"? Would you do it?

One thing is for sure, it will be really interesting to watch over the next few days and weeks.

Which one would you trade more? Monahan? Edmundson? Both of them? Neither?

See the complete ranking and sources right here:

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Two Canadiens players have officially been placed on the trade market by Kent Hughes

More likely to get traded?

Monahan937.5 %
Edmundson1562.5 %
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