Twitter is out of control about Nathan MacKinnon's eating habits

Published August 5, 2021 at 9:55

On Tuesday afternoon, my colleague Keven Mawn posted a story about Nathan MacKinnon and his "Michael Jordan" habits. Former Colorado Avalanche Nikita Zadorov came forward to talk about "Nate" and several of his very strict habits, including his eating habits. MacKinnon has a nutritionist, a $100,000 a year chef... and a doctor at home who he gives $1,000 a day to. WOW!

That being said, after this statement from Zadorov, people made fun of Nathan MacKinnon on social media and let's just say it's really hilarious. Here are a few tweets collected about it, enjoy :

It would be surprising, however, if Nathan MacKinnon had seen all this through, as he is not on social media like his role model and mentor Sidney Crosby.
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