Trade involving Cayden Primeau? His value has just been revealed

Published July 28, 2023 at 8:13

Recently, some analysts spotted some very interesting information regarding the Montreal Canadiens' goaltender, Cayden Primeau.

It appears to be related to a potential trade involving him.

The value of the player who was once seen as the future of the Canadiens' goaltending seems to have unfortunately diminished significantly.

Despite a strong college career in the NCAA and an impressive showing at the World Junior Hockey Championship, Primeau hasn't progressed as expected, despite some good moments in the AHL.

He has yet to establish himself in the NHL, and a crucial decision looms for Kent Hughes in this matter. If Primeau doesn't crack the Canadiens' lineup in the next few weeks, he will have to be placed on waivers before returning to the AHL in Laval.

It would be a shame to lose him like this, "for nothing," so the question arises: Is there another solution? Could the Habs trade him for a draft pick or another prospect?

The answer seems to be negative.

According to Marc Dumont, Primeau has virtually no value on the market, to the extent that he wouldn't even be claimed by an NHL team if the Canadiens put him on waivers. Wow.

"I highly doubt that Cayden Primeau would be claimed if he were placed on waivers. In fact, there's practically no chance of that happening unless a team is desperately looking for a goaltender. Every NHL club has one or two Primeaus in their pool of prospects, and most of them have better statistics." - Marc Dumont

It's very disappointing.

Don't be surprised if he ends up on waivers in October, unless he has an exceptional training camp.

Primeau, 23 years old, is a 6-foot-2 goaltender who has played 21 career NHL games with a record of 3-12-2, a 4.11 goals-against average, and a save percentage of 0.871.

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Trade involving Cayden Primeau? His value has just been revealed

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