There's not only Shane Wright for the CH in the next draft

Jeff Drouin
December 21, 2021  (8:32 PM)

Even though some doubt has begun to creep in over the past few days about whether the 2021-22 season will continue, the Habs can continue to think about their future and in particular the next draft, which for now is still supposed to be held in Montreal.

In this regard, many fans and analysts are beginning to dream of seeing young Shane Wright, who is being touted as the number one prospect for this auction, end up in the CH organization. However, as Simon Boisvert explained on 91.9 Sports, it would be far from a disaster if the Tricolore were to draft elsewhere in the top-10.
Indeed, several excellent prospects are breathing down Wright's neck right now, so the top-10 should be one of the good ones in recent years. Boisvert, on the other hand, would love to see a certain Conor Geekie in the Red, White, and Blue uniform one of these days.
Morgan Geekie's younger brother, who is part of the Seattle Kraken organization, is an extremely big (6'4", 205 lbs.) and talented center who has 35 points (10 goals) in 31 games so far this season in the Western Junior Hockey League (WHL).
Assuming that a center is the top priority for the Habs right now, names like Matthew Savoie (17 years old, leading scorer in the WHL right now), Logan Cooley and Brad Lambert could also be of great interest to Jeff Gorton and his team.
As you can see, there is a lot of competition for the center position in this draft, and even if Shane Wright seems to stand out from the pack, there will still be several very good "consolation prizes" available if the CH do not win the lotery for the first pick.
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