The war is between the NHL and Canada!

Published December 29, 2021 at 9:11

As the pandemic grows in Canada, health restrictions have increased. The Canadiens will not be able to play games in front of their fans in the coming weeks.

This restriction forced the NHL to postpone several games that were planned in Canada. Gary Bettman would like to move these games when the measures will be abolished.

According to Gilles LeVasseur, a professor at the University of Ottawa, the disappearance of health measures is still a long way off.

«The government and the public are not in a state of mind to eliminate the measures, especially health care workers.»

While the Players' Association is in discussion with the National League for the conduct of activities in the coming weeks, Lightning forward Alex Killorn has identified a culprit in this situation.

«It always seems like Canada is the reason things don't change, so I don't see how we can get a reduction in the length of the forced withdrawal.»

With a totally different situation on the other side of the border, Canadian teams may move to the United States. Bill Daly, the commissioner's assistant, believes that this is not an additional challenge.

«We are used to having to work with different rules in different regions, so this is not a new challenge.»

With the atrocious season the Montreal Canadiens are in, a move could well increase the lack of interest in the team.

Do you think that this is the only option currently available to complete the 82 games? It could very well be.
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