The secret trade made by Hughes during the Montreal draft has just been officially revealed

Published July 19, 2022 at 0:37

It's a news that had made fans react a lot, a few days after the NHL draft and a few hours before the opening of the free-agent market, when TVA Sports' informer Renaud Lavoie revealed that Kent Hughes completed another important trade at the draft. (in addition to Kirby Dach)

Speaking on 91.9 Sports this past Monday on Le retour des sportifs, Renaud Lavoie mentioned this:

"The Canadiens took advantage of the draft to conclude a transaction that has not yet been announced. In my opinion, it will be announced this week. It is very likely that Kent Hughes and his counterpart will wait until the free-agent market opens before making it official." - Renaud Lavoie

So we were waiting for an announcement and we expected it to involve big salaries.

Today, we realize that this famous "Renaud deal" may have just been announced (that would be the Petry trade)

There are a few things.

First, a photo shared on social networks, the day after the 2022 draft, has just resurfaced and possibly proves that this trade (involving Petry) was obviously in the works since the draft at the Bell Center.

Habs GM Kent Hughes had indeed been photographed in full conversation with his Pens counterpart, Ron Hextall, at the event. According to observers at the event, Hextall and Hughes spent a LOT of time chatting together.

Has the Jeff Petry trade been in the works since the draft? It appears so.

Further evidence: in digging around, we discovered that (in addition to Renaud Lavoie), there is a very reputable journalist in Pittsburgh (Josh Yohe) who broke the exact same news as Renaud, but regarding the Penguins.

Last week, Yohe did reveal that the Penguins would have (also) made a major trade, during the draft in Montreal, but he added that this transaction in question was not yet announced.

So, if we consider these three elements:

1- Last week, Renaud Lavoie says that the CH made a trade at the draft, but that the transaction was not yet announced.

2- Last week, Josh Yohe says that the Penguins made a trade at the draft, but that the deal was not yet announced.

3- Kent Hughes and Ron Hextall (Pittsburgh GM) who spoke extensively on the draft floor.

4- The transaction concluded the day before yesterday, between the CH and the Penguins, involving Jeff Petry, Ryan Poehling and Michael Matheson...

We can probably deduce here that this is the trade Renaud was talking about.

Do you think Kent Hughes made a good deal, in the end?

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The secret trade made by Hughes during the Montreal draft has just been officially revealed

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