The reason why the Islanders did not sign Kadri would have to do with the Montreal Canadiens

Published August 24, 2022 at 10:59

In the last few hours, Sportsnet's highly regarded tipster Elliotte Friedman explained why forward Nazem Kadri finally ended up with the Calgary Flames last week, and not the New York Islanders as everyone thought.

The reason is simple: Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello failed where Flames GM succeeded. Lamoriello was not able to trade a big contract and free up payroll space.

Most of the rumors pointed to Anthony Beauvillier, who makes $4.15 million a year.

As my colleague Alex Desrosiers ( reports, Friedman concludes that it's extremely difficult to build a competitive NHL team, and manage a salary cap at the same time.

The Islanders have failed, and they are returning with essentially the same roster that missed the 2022 playoffs. Their fans are very disappointed.

Will the 2022-2023 season be Lou Lamoriello's last? To be continued, but it will be interesting to see what happens next, especially for a player like Anthony Beauvillier, who was clearly going to be traded by the Islanders (probably they just didn't want to add a first round pick, like the Flames did with Monahan).

It is quite possible that the reason Nazem Kadri escaped the Islanders and signed with the Flames has to do with the Montreal Canadiens and Anthony Beauvillier.

The Flames' offer was better than the Islanders', so Calgary had the privilege of freeing up the space under their salary cap to sign Kadri? That's what it really sounds like when you listen to Lou Lamoriello and Elliotte Friedman's statements.

Ironically, if we read between the lines, we realize that it is possibly Kent Hughes who got the big stick in this matter, and we love it!

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The reason why the Islanders did not sign Kadri would have to do with the Montreal Canadiens

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