The options are now clear regarding Carey Price

Published May 11, 2022 at 7:43 PM

The situation surrounding Carey Price's health was undoubtedly one of the most publicized issues of the past year for the Habs.

Even though number 31 made a return to the game at the end of the season, we can't say that his performances and the way he moved in front of the net reassured the team's leaders.

As reported by my colleague Keven Mawn of, Sportsnet's Eric Engels attempted to shed light on several issues with the Habs and one of them was what the Habs will do with their number one goaltender going into next season.

Engels said that if the organization is unable to get a handle on Price's health between now and the draft, Kent Hughes could move to acquire a starting goalie to back up Jake Allen.

Price could be placed on the long-term injured list and Hughes would have some room under the salary cap.

However, if the news is good about Price and he could be able to start next season, the Habs would not need to acquire a goalie. On the other hand, Price's salary will be counted against the payroll and Hughes would not be able to spend that money.

The possibility that Price could announce his retirement was also discussed by Engels and according to him, this should not happen and in the event that he could not play again, he would see him go on the long term injured list, just like Shea Weber.

Despite his return to action at the end of the season, Price's health continues to be the subject of debate and it is questionable whether he will be able to return to a high level of competition.

Are you starting to worry about Carey Price's future with the Habs?

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The options are now clear regarding Carey Price

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