The names of four young goalies are put forward to replace Carey Price

Published September 5, 2022 at 7:17 PM

As we've known for a few weeks now following a major announcement by Kent Hughes, goaltender Carey Price will start the 2022-2023 season on the long-term injury list and, barring a huge turnaround, is expected to miss the entirety of the upcoming campaign.

His career may just be over, unfortunately.

So Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton need to get on the project of finding a future goalie for the organization, and they have a few options available.

Cayden Primeau is one, but the Habs can't afford (at this point) to go all in with Primeau.

So, to give us a good idea of some of the other options available, journalist Marco D'Amico (Montreal Hockey Now) just published an interesting article, in which he identifies four goalies who could be targets for the CH, as possible long-term replacements for Carey Price.

Here are the names he puts forward.

DUSTIN WOLF (Flames) - 21 years old

We're talking about a goalie with immense talent and potential, who has maintained staggering numbers (.924% efficiency in the AHL at just 20 years old, and three seasons with nearly .941% efficiency rates in the WHL).

This is virtually unheard of since a certain Carter Hart, even though Wolf has better stats than Hart at the same age (33 wins, 9 losses in the AHL at 20, and 18 wins, 3 losses in the WHL at 19).

He might be available on the market though, because the Flames are in "win now" mode and they still have Jacob Markstrom under contract for several seasons.

UKKO-PEKKA LUUKKONEN (Sabres) - 23 years old


DEVON LEVI (Sabres) - 20 years old

Two solid young Sabres goalies who won't be able to be the two goalies of the future there, so the other one might be traded.

LUKAS DOSTAL (Ducks) - 22 years old

Maintained a .916% efficiency rate, in the AHL, in his age 20 and 21 seasons, which is very impressive.

However, it's really his 19 year old season in Sweden's top league that gets a lot of attention, with a .941% efficiency rate. He is one of the NHL's top prospects in front of the net.

Do you think the Habs should try to acquire one of these young goalies with huge potential to replace Carey Price in the long term?

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September 5   |   379 answers
The names of four young goalies are put forward to replace Carey Price

Which one do you think would make the best replacement for Carey Price?

Dustin Wolf13535.6 %
Lukas Dostal359.2 %
Ukko Pekka Luukkonen or Devon Levi8021.1 %
Cayden Primeau12934 %
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