The fans responded to the Montreal Canadiens

Published October 20, 2021 at 8:26

The Bell Centre was very sparse as (over) 5,000 tickets were not distributed/sold. It was 16,095 tickets that were purchased, but at first glance, you can see that the number of fans present was less.

Before the pathetic duel against the Sharks, which became the 4th successive setback for the Canadiens, the fans certainly wanted to send a message to the Canadiens players, who are not committed to the team, who play on the periphery, who seem to have no gas in the tank, who have no conviction...

Are fans already boycotting this soulless team (at the moment)? Unless the vaccination passport is the cause... That said, a team that shows up "flat" after only three games (four after Tuesday night's) is totally incomprehensible. How can that be possible?

Yes, I understand that the absences of Shea Weber, Carey Price, Joel Edmundson as well as the departures of Corey Perry and Phillip Danault weigh heavily, but don't the guys just have to rally? Marc Bergevin's tug-of-war situation, the great leader of the ship, is also working against the Habs. Geoff, it's up to you to take action and set this ship adrift. Yes, even though only four games have been played.

By the way, how many consecutive losses have you had, "KK"?

Despite this, the head coach remained very calm in his post-game interview, indicating that several players were not playing to their full potential. It will be up to him to find solutions. The lack of commitment often comes from the coaches. In the case of the massive offense scheme, it will have to be thrown out, no less.

Just as an aside, before I conclude this piece, the Sabres have just posted three straight wins...
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