The duo of Hughes and Gorton made a remarkable move and completely changed the dynamic with the club's alumni

Published April 8, 2022 at 11:11

It's no longer a secret that the former Habs administration didn't leave room for former team members around the organization. On several occasions, we have seen former players talk about the situation. Following Marc Bergevin's departure, Patrice Brisebois was very vocal towards the former CH GM.

Here's what the former defenseman had to say last January on Jean-Charles Lajoie's show on TVA Sports following the introduction of Kent Hughes as CH GM.

"The Canadiens have always treated the old guys well. It's certain that during the Marc Bergevin era, there may have been a distancing on Marc's part. To be here today at the press conference, it shows how much the organization values the alumni. That's big for me." - Patrice Brisebois

After seeing former guests meet with Kent Hughes, it seems things are changing on that front. On the airwaves of 91.9 Sports this Friday morning, Luc Gélinas talked about his discussion with Steve Bégin. The latter said he finally feels respected by the organization.

Bégin was present last Tuesday at the Bell Centre for the telethon to raise funds for the Canadiens' foundation and experienced something he had never experienced in previous years.

"At one point, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton went to meet him, introduced themselves and chatted with him for five minutes about things. And for the first time in years, in fact for the first time since he stopped playing for the Habs, Steve Begin felt, on Tuesday, like a former Hab." - Luc Gélinas

To thank the duo, Bégin even wrote a letter that went to the desk of the current DG of the club. The latter, according to Gélinas, greatly appreciated the gesture of the former CH.

Gélinas says that Kent Hughes will not stop there. At the end of the year, when the season is over, he will organize a dinner with several alumni to reconcile the club with its tradition. Gilbert Delorme has even confirmed that he himself has been invited to the dinner on April 20.

LP Guy went on to say that an alumnus of the club, who wishes to remain anonymous, has told him that new ambassadors will be named shortly.

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The duo of Hughes and Gorton made a remarkable move and completely changed the dynamic with the club's alumni

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