The Oilers and Connor McDavid just gave Kent Hughes and the CH a big hand

Published May 27, 2022 at 9:49

It's the big story this morning in the hockey world, as the Edmonton Oilers and Connor McDavid knocked off the Calgary Flames and move on to the next round!

They are now waiting to see the winner of the Blues-Avalanche duel.

This is good news for hockey fans, who will still be able to watch McDavid and Draisaitl work their magic on the ice, but there's more.


Now that the Calgary Flames have been eliminated in the second round of the NHL playoffs, the Tricolore's second first round pick is becoming clearer!

And that's good news for Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton.

Acquired in the deal that sent Tyler Toffoli to Calgary last February, the Flames' 2022 first round pick, now owned by Montreal, has gained some value.

The selection rank will be a little higher than if the Alberta team had advanced a little further in the playoffs.

At best, the Canadiens would have received the 28th pick (overall) and at worst, the 32nd, for the next draft, which will be presented in Montreal next July.


In summary, the CH started the playoffs with the 29th pick, but now, it climbs to 27th (at least), thanks to the Oilers.

But if the Blues and Rangers ever win their respective series, the Flames' pick can go as high as 25th.

The bottom line is that with the Oilers winning (against the Flames), the Montreal Canadiens will draft at least 27th overall, which is a win. (and it could still go up)

The exact rank is still to be confirmed, but it's going in the right direction. Thanks to McDavid for his winning goal.

It's interesting to watch, because there's a big difference between drafting 25th or drafting 32nd, especially in the first round.

For example, moving up 7 spots (via trade), on the floor in the draft, will normally cost, at a minimum, a second round pick.

Here, the CH advances "for free".

To be continued!

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The Oilers and Connor McDavid just gave Kent Hughes and the CH a big hand

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