The NHL makes an official announcement for next season

Published September 9, 2022 at 2:48 PM

The National Hockey League just announced an interesting rule change for the upcoming season and it has to do with penalties.

Now that video replays are more accurate and present than ever, the Bettman circuit is adjusting and giving referees more options to minimize the number of errors.


Officials will now be able to completely overturn a major penalty after seeing the video replay, which was not the case before and has led to some very frustrating situations for fans and organizations.

In other words, when a major penalty is called, the referees will now have the option to go to the video replay and overturn it.

This is a change that many have been asking for, for a long time, and it is now done. We remember of course the famous penalty awarded to Cody Eakin (Las Vegas) on Joe Pavelski (San Jose), which led to a catastrophe for the Golden Knights:

A sequence that still gives you chills. Afterwards, even Joe Pavelski admitted that there should never have been a major penalty awarded on that play.

This news is good for the fans and for the league in general, it will certainly allow, as my colleague David St-Jean of points out, to avoid certain injustices.

More details will follow!

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The NHL makes an official announcement for next season

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