The Montreal Canadiens wasted no time with Shane Wright

Published May 29, 2022 at 11:32

Tomorrow is the last day before the 2022 NHL Draft, when the famous "Combine" begins in a few hours!

This is a major event for teams and prospects alike, and it's also an important evaluation session.

The Combine starts tomorrow (May 30th), and continues until June 4th.

Different teams, including of course the Montreal Canadiens, will be able to meet the 96 prospects who will be on site at the HarborCenter in Buffalo during these few days.

As reported by the excellent Jeff Marek (Sportsnet), the leaders of the CH, who have the famous first pick overall, jumped at the opportunity to meet Shane Wright and this, from the first hour of the beginning of the Combine.

Obviously, they were looking forward to this moment with great anticipation.

So, on the very first day of the event, tomorrow, Shane Wright will be spending a LOT of time with Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton. They clearly haven't wasted any time and will be taking a lot of time for Wright, starting on day one.

In fact, most of the CH's first day will be 100% dedicated to Shane Wright. Interesting.

The CH organization obviously doesn't want to waste any time to meet the one who is ranked first by the NHL Central Scouting.

The next few days will be crucial to help the Hughes-Gorton tandem make their final choice for the draft in early July. Let's hope everything goes well for Shane Wright tomorrow.

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The Montreal Canadiens wasted no time with Shane Wright

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