The Montreal Canadiens may be without the services of Alex Romanov for next season?

Published July 2, 2022 at 10:03

An article published by Michael Russo and Dan Robson on The Athletic is causing a lot of reaction and concern.

While Alexander Romanov had stated in a press briefing during the Canadians' end-of-season review that he would stay in North America all summer, all indications are that he has finally decided to return to his native country for a few weeks.

It is his choice, we understand it and we must respect it, but unfortunately, this decision could have unfortunate consequences.

Because of the current sad situation, according to Russo and Robson, Russian players in the National Hockey League may not be able to return here.

This is true for Romanov, and it is true for several other Russian players, such as Kirill Kaprizov and Andrei Vasilevskiy (to name a few).

What if all these NHL players were not able to cross the continent, to come back to North America for the 2022-2023 campaign? Imagine how bad that scenario would be.

For the Montreal Canadiens, it would impact two players: Alexander Romanov and Evgeny Dadonov, who could be banned from leaving their home country.

It's far from being done, so we shouldn't worry too much for the moment, but know that it seems to be a sad possibility and that we'll have to keep an eye on it, this summer.

Of course, we don't want that, because losing Romanov for a long time (for the whole season?), it would be a big loss for the Habs, but it goes much further than that.

"The Russian NHL all-stars who have returned home; will they all be back? It's far from certain" - The Athletic, which cites as an example the sad case of goaltender Ivan Fedotov (Flyers) who is being held there and will clearly not be able to return to North America.

Several general managers (including Brian MacLellan) have admitted to being worried about this, worried about not seeing some of their players for next year.

We have to insist. We're a long way from a negative confirmation in that sense, but know that it's a concern and a real possibility, unfortunately.

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The Montreal Canadiens may be without the services of Alex Romanov for next season?

Alexander Romanov is a ??

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