The KING of the Colorado Avalanche has spoken out about Patrick Roy

Published December 9, 2021 at 9:03

A lot of people are dreaming about the Montreal Canadiens signing Patrick Roy. It is stronger than us, we wish that the child prodigy returns to the fold to bring a big dose of character to a group which badly needs it.

Everyone is putting him in the general manager's chair, the man who will report the news in French to the media, but as I said before, I imagine him in the pilot's seat. Yes, I really like Dom Ducharme and Jeff Gorton will give him a chance, but if he fails, it's Patrick. For the show!

By the way, Adrian Dater, who has been covering the Colorado Avalanche for several years, came to chat with Tony Marinaro via his "Sick Podcast" to confide in him about what Patrick Roy might really want. According to him, Roy would rather coach the Montreal Canadiens than become their GM.

Regardless of the seat he would occupy, in hindsight, I've corrected myself: Roy needs to get back into the big family. Behind the bench, imagine the spectacle during games and press conferences. I think about it and I salivate like a St. Bernard, hahaha!

Roy, yes, I want him!
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