The Jack Eichel file seems to have moved forward

Published August 31, 2021 at 12:32

Let's talk about Jack Eichel for a moment, it seems to me that he was buried by the Kotkaniemi situation during the last days. That being said, according to the latest news, Eichel could go under the knife soon in order to return to the game around December. At least that's what Shawn Simpson of TSN reported.

Nevertheless, the asking price for Jack Eichel is still excessively high... We are talking about four to six elements, including first picks, prospects and/or established players. The Montreal Canadiens could have all the elements that Kevyn Adams is asking for in return of his elite player.

I would also like to remind you that Eichel is now represented by the excellent Pat Brisson, a good friend of Marc Bergevin, which allows us to dream even more. With Brisson holding the reins of Jack Eichel's career, this situation should not linger much longer.

With all the talk about this, no one, whether it's the experts, NHL executives or fans, sees Jack Eichel donning his Buffalo Sabres jersey again. This story is dragging in the mud, but if Eichel has surgery and the Sabres don't, it's a sign that things may be moving to firmer ground.
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