The Chantal Machabée effect is already being felt enormously

Published January 17, 2022 at 7:08 PM

The Chantal Machabée effect is already being felt enormously

It was not too long for journalists to see!

On January 5 of this year, the Montreal Canadiens were doing a massive job in their organization when they appointed Chantal Machabée as vice-president of communications. This appointment was very well received by all hockey stakeholders as well as by fans.

But the Chantal Machabée effect didn't take too long to make itself felt. The renowned Arpon Basu took the opportunity to highlight the whole via his Twitter account.

Let's face it, it was very difficult to get news about the injured and the absent at the Habs. With the arrival of Chantal, it seems to be a completely different story while the journalists have the updates before making the request!

You can check out the latest updates on the health status of the Habs players via one of our most recent articles published this afternoon.

By leaking so much information, I believe that many journalists will appreciate the arrival of the RDS journalist in the organization of the Habs!

Not to mention Chantal's update on the appointment of the next Executive Director.

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