The CH has a big gap in social responsibility right now

Jeff Drouin
December 3, 2021  (8:31)

Following the firing of Marc Bergevin, owner Geoff Molson hired Jeff Gorton as vice president of hockey operations.

While this deal has caused quite a stir in Montreal, we understand that Gorton will work alongside the future (French-speaking) general manager to get the CH back on track.
We must admit that Mr. Gorton's track record is quite impressive. He is partly responsible for the Bruins' success in recent years and the 53-year-old also orchestrated the "reset" of the Rangers.
Despite this, Philippe Cantin still blames Molson for not selecting a Quebecer for the job.
"The more I thought about it during the week, the more it's a nomination that bothers me. And it has nothing to do with the man. I'm convinced that Jeff Gorton is a lovely man. I find it extremely unfortunate that Geoff Molson and the Habs didn't trust a Quebecer."
In this case, it remains to be seen who will make the decisions in the CH staff. Cantin believes that Gorton will run hockey operations and that the general manager will be a little more hands-off.
"The Habs have chosen a person who doesn't speak French at all to run their hockey operation. I understand that we're going to hire a bilingual general manager, but I don't think we should be naive."
"Jeff Gorton is already at work, he is the one who will make the decisions, he is Geoff Molson's most trusted man. He may do an exceptional job and that's what I want. But I can't help but miss this period when it was a French-speaking Quebecer who was in charge of the Canadiens," he explained.
Jeff Gorton has a lot of experience in the Bettman circuit and Molson has certainly taken the best possible candidate. In this perspective, do you still believe that the general manager must absolutely be French speaking?
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