The All-Star game is not a concern for Brad Marchand

Published January 14, 2022 at 9:35 PM

Not selected for the February 5 All-Star game in Vegas, Brad Marchand does not seem to regret this decision of the NHL, unlike that of withdrawing from the Beijing Olympics a few weeks ago.

On the opposite, the Bruins' small forward was rather happy for his teammate Patrice Bergeron, who will represent the Bruins at the event, as well as for Charlie McAvoy, who could accompany his captain to Vegas.

«I'm not angry at all,» Marchand told the media on Friday. »On some occasions, it's a great event to experience, depending on the venue. Of course, Vegas is a nice place.»

«Bergy has been our best player for 18 years and is the best two-way hockey player in the league. He is the backbone of our formation, praised number 63. I am not at all surprised that he is there. He deserves it and got it. I'm very happy for him.»

However, Number 63 took the opportunity to throw another arrow at the NHL. Following up on Nathan MacKinnon's remarks earlier in the day, Marchand criticized the All-Star rule of one minimum participant per team.

«That's what happens with the format the league has put in place. There are guys who probably deserve to be there too,» he said.

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