TSN insider reveals a major source of concern about Carey Price's future

Published February 25, 2022 at 9:56

Today we will have an update on the state of health of Carey Price.

Out since the start of the season, some experts still believe that his goal is to return to play by the end of the season.

This is the case, among others, of insider Pierre LeBrun.

With the recent successes of the team, one would think that Price would want to be part of the short-term solution for the Canadians, but another insider is much more pessimistic about the future.

Eric Macramalla, from TSN, does not expect to see the Canadiens' goalie back this season and it could go even further than that.

"The concern about Carey Price's health extends beyond this season. He has been treating a torn meniscus for more than 6 months, although it is an operation that generally takes 6 weeks to heal. I wonder about the exact nature of his injury and if his career is in jeopardy."

He mentions that an injury that takes so long to heal is hardly encouraging and that Price's career could be in jeopardy.

This is a major source of concern for the Habs.

When you see what happened with Ben Bishop, Tuukka Rask and company, it's scary.

Remember also that Price himself declared in a press conference recently that he did not rule out the possibility of having to announce his retirement if the rehabilitation did not go as planned.

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