Surprise announcement concerning Paul Byron

Published April 14, 2023 at 10:37

In a press conference just moments ago, Montreal Canadiens forward Paul Byron made a surprising announcement.

He still intends to play hockey!

"Paul Byron announces he wants to keep playing."

What determination! While everyone expected him to announce his retirement today, he still considers himself an NHL player.

This is a story to watch, but Byron is certainly aware that it will be an extremely difficult process to go through if he wants to return to the game someday.

It would be a major turnaround, but he's going to try and he seems to believe in it.

Byron also confirmed that he has communicated his intention to the Canadiens management to potentially stay within the organization in another role.

"Byron has communicated to the Habs his desire to stay within the organization in another role. He has made arrangements for the new management to get to know him but has not yet received a response on the matter.
«If there is an opportunity for transition, it's something I want.»

Via Marc Antoine Godin

Watch the complete press conference:

A true hockey enthusiast!

More details to follow.
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Surprise announcement concerning Paul Byron

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In Montreal9718.8 %
Somewhere else in th NHL10119.6 %
Laval316 %
CH's offices28755.6 %
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