Strange last minute development concerning Kirby Dach

Published February 18, 2023 at 12:23

In the last few minutes, as the Montreal Canadiens players jumped on the ice for their morning practice of the day, we were happy to learn that Kirby Dach was present.

Remember that Dach missed Thursday night's game in Raleigh.

"Absent Thursday night in Raleigh because he was sick, Kirby Dach is participating in the morning practice with his teammates. [...]" - Luc Gélinas, RDS

On the other hand, a few minutes later, the reporter published this:

"Dach's presence at practice will have lasted only 4-5 minutes. He has already left for the locker room." - Luc Gélinas, RDS

A strange situation that has raised many questions among fans.

"Strangely Kirby Dach has already left practice. He didn't do any exercises." - Renaud Lavoie, TVA Sports

A case to watch.

Update: Renaud Lavoie has just given details.

"Kirby Dach (Virus) wasn't feeling well after a few seconds on the ice and that's why he retreated to the dressing room."

It all makes sense. Let's hope Kirby can get some rest and get better soon.

So here are the trios and duos:

"The trios and duos this morning in Toronto. Kirby Dach didn't skate long enough to be there.


Schueneman-Kovacevic (Wideman)

Allen "

- Via J-F Chaumont

The Habs take on the Maple Leafs tonight in Toronto, and note that the Habs opponents will have the services of their two new acquisitions Ryan O'Reilly and Noel Acciari.

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Strange last minute development concerning Kirby Dach

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