Stéphane Waite made a rather surprising statement about Marc-André Fleury

Jeff Drouin
December 10, 2021  (6:13 PM)

Goaltender Marc-André Fleury, despite being 37 years old, is not getting old, he is delivering the goods.

Despite another unsuccessful season in Chicago, the Quebecer has managed to amass eight wins, he now has a 2.79 goals-against average and has accumulated a .913 save percentage. Under the circumstances, this is excellent.
In addition, yesterday he picked up his 500th win in a 2-0 win over the Montreal Canadiens. His name was on everyone's lips today because of this feat, which led to all sorts of conversations.
Stéphane Waite talked about Fleury's contract situation. Number 29 will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the current campaign. There is no doubt that there will be interest from around the league.
Waite even made a very interesting statement about the kind of contract he would offer Fleury.
"With his athletic ability, I think he will keep going, he doesn't look like a 37-year-old goalie. I would have no problem signing this guy for three years at the end of the season. He would play until he was 40."
Multi-season contracts are rare for goalies as old as Fleury. It would be surprising if a team made that kind of decision. However, a one or two season contract would be more appropriate.
If Price or Allen leave, could we see Fleury finish his career at home? The fans would not be against this idea, quite the opposite. Remember that he was cheered by Habs fans yesterday at the Bell Centre.
I mentioned Montreal, of course, many other teams will want to go after him. A meeting in Pittsburgh? We'll see!
To be continued...
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