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Some Sharks players can't stand Evander Kane anymore

Published August 7, 2021 at 4:07 PM

Evander Kane has a peculiar personality, as we know. When he first joined the Sharks, he seemed to fit in thanks to Joe Thornton who took him under his wing... but since "Jumbo Joe" left, Kane's polarizing personality has resurfaced. Recently, he was accused by his wife (ex-wife?) of abandoning his family and betting against his own team, which he obviously denied while pointing the finger at his wife harshly.

Anyway, all of this leads me to a statement from an agent, who has clients with the San Jose Sharks and who confided about Kane's attitude and personality, "This guy walks into a room and the flowers wilt!"

I remind you that many players can't stand Evander Kane anymore, even though he had a great season with 49 points, including 22 goals, in 56 games. He's a dynamic player, he's very fast, with good hands, but who bothers his own teammates?

Yes, that statement is from several weeks ago, but bringing it back during highlights involving Evander Kane is and was par for the course. The flowers are wilting, that's heavy as a statement! It says something about how hateful this individual is.
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