Sisters Beatrice and Eugenie Bouchard set the web ablaze with their stunning Coachella photo shoot

Published April 17, 2022 at 10:57 PM

The sisters Béatrice and Eugénie Bouchard are extremely popular and very followed on social networks.

The Quebec tennis player has more than 2.1 million followers on the Instagram network, and she regularly posts photos while playing her sport.

She remains an extremely talented athlete, but she also earns a good living from her talent for taking good pictures.

She's getting more and more of those kinds of gigs.

In the last few days, Eugenie and her sister Beatrice, were together as sisters and they were at Coachella.

According to what Alex Desrosiers ( reports, when they were young, their parents had separated and the girls had also separated. On the one hand, Beatrice had followed the father and Eugenie, the mother.

So it's rare to see them together, but it's beautiful to see!

So here is their weekend in a few pictures (on the next page):

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