Shea Weber: No one knew what he was going through... not even his wife

Published July 29, 2021 at 11:18

Montreal Canadiens captain Shea Weber is certainly one of the greatest warriors of the modern era of hockey, and he is VERY tough on his body. Weber endures pain like no one else in the league, but no one really knows that because he doesn't show it and he doesn't talk to anyone about his pain. A real one!

During the last campaign and the Montreal Canadiens' journey to the Stanley Cup Final, Weber was very, very banged up. He was playing with serious injuries to an ankle, a knee and a thumb... that will keep him off the ice next season. He may never play hockey at this level ever again!

This situation is certainly very sad, but Gallagher said that his friend is happy because he will not suffer anymore:

"He's happy, he's fine. It was hard for him this season. No one, I don't think even his wife knew what he was going through. He kept it all to himself. He showed up at the arena every day and did what he had to do to get his body ready. I know a lot of people talk about him being a warrior, but he was just doing what he had to do to be his best game after game," said Gallagher.

"He went through a lot of pain, but nobody knew it was affecting him. He was just being himself and doing what he needed to do as the captain and leader of our team. It was beautiful to see him go, actually. It was nice to be around him and be his teammate," he added.

Gally also clarified that the hugs Weber received when they lost the Cup to Tampa were not because the players knew he was in pain and would be leaving the club to recover. NO! Not at all, since no one knew how much pain Weber was in. No one knew that he was going to go under surgery a few days after the Stanley Cup Final. The hugs were because the players wanted to win for HIM. WOW! What a man! What a warrior! What a real man!
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