Shane Wright just sent a message to Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens fans

Jeff Drouin
June 4, 2022  (7:17 PM)

This weekend marks the conclusion of the famed NHL Combine presented this year in Buffalo for the first time since 2019.

For top NHL Draft prospects, it's a chance to meet for the first time with executives from all 32 teams in the league and also to get a glimpse of what awaits them at the professional level.
Several journalists are present in Buffalo to meet the top prospects and this is the case of Anthony Martineau of TVA Sports.
Obviously, all eyes of the Canadiens' fans are turned towards center Shane Wright, the best prospect of the 2022 season, and questioned by Martineau, he had a clear message to address to the fans as well as to the team's leaders.
"If I have the opportunity to play for your team, I will give it everything I have. I want to give you championships. I will do everything to achieve that." - Shane Wright

He also hinted that he would eventually like to play alongside Cole Caufield and Brendan Gallagher if he ever became the Habs' property.
But since Wright is not yet drafted by the Habs and there is no guarantee that Kent Hughes will call his name on July 7 at the Bell Centre, the reporter also collected the words of the other two prospects approached to become the first pick, Logan Cooley and Juraj Slafkovsky.
Martineau asked each of them why they should be the Habs' first-round selection and let's just say that both youngsters had very good arguments.
"I think I deserved the chance to be the first player selected. I've shown steady progression over the past two years and I firmly believe I have a wide range of things to offer the Canadiens." - Logan Cooley

"I believe I am ready for the National Hockey League. I can score goals, create goals as well. I can use my physicality. I can do a lot of things and I think that's what Montreal needs" - Juraj Slafkovsky

You could say that this sets the table for a memorable night that will take place on July 7 at the Bell Centre.
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Shane Wright just sent a message to Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens fans

Who will be the Canadiens' choice among these three players on July 7 at the Bell Centre?

Logan Cooley236.7 %
Juraj Slafkovsky4312.6 %
Shane Wright27580.6 %
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