Scout believes there could be another major upset in the 2023 draft with Connor Bedard

Published August 8, 2022 at 11:25

Even though training camp is not even about to start for the Montreal Canadiens, with the 2022-23 season in mind, many observers and fans are already thinking about the 2023 draft and a certain Connor Bedard.

Bedard has been touted as a generational talent for over two years now and it's obvious that it will be huge for the organization that gets their hands on him.

However, there are some who are trying to cool things down regarding Bedard.

Such is the case with former Montreal Canadiens scout Grant McCagg, who was on the Sick Podcast with Tony Marinaro.

See what he had to say:

"It's August. There's been a number of guys over the years like Nolan Patrick, Angelo Esposito, Shane Wright, who were described as consensus picks in August, but they didn't get selected first.

No recruiter has already made their decision this early in the year. It's mostly something you see on social media."

The difference, according to many, is that Bedard is identified as a generational player, compared to Patrick, Esposito or Wright (some believe Connor McDavid is a better comparison).

Now, McCagg adds a layer:

"There has never been a winger who is 5-foot-9 who was picked first overall. As talented as he is, Bedard is still very small. With Canada, he always plays on the wing. If he's such a good center, why doesn't he play that position with the national team like Sidney Crosby did? Probably because that's where he's going to play in the NHL!"

Comments that make fans react a lot. Do you believe, like the former scout, that it is too early to talk about Connor Bedard?

As we can see here with our in-house poll, the wish of the fans is clear :


The results are quite revealing (1402 votes).

Many CH fans prefer to target Bedard for next year, not the playoffs.

To listen to the whole thing:

August 8   |   429 answers
Scout believes there could be another major upset in the 2023 draft with Connor Bedard

If you had one choice what would you choose?

Playoffs11927.7 %
Connor Bedard31072.3 %
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