Scotty Bowman back with the Montreal Canadiens? The door is not closed

Published July 14, 2022 at 10:03

On July 12, on the eve of the opening of the free agent market, the great Scotty Bowman announced via his Twitter account that he had made the decision to leave the Chicago Blackhawks organization. The veteran hockey man, who worked for 14 years as a consultant in the organization, is therefore free since July 1st.

We learned in an article from TVA Sports that Bowman made the decision to leave the Hawks in mid-June because he said he was "not doing much". We must not forget that the organization's last year was tumultuous to say the least and that the organization seems to have taken a whole new direction during the off-season.

I'm just like everyone else! I'm a free agent!" he said from the Buffalo area. It was time to go. I had the chance to work with my son (Stan), an experience I loved. He got sick, but he's well now. It was a tough year, but it's over. I'm looking forward." - Scotty Bowman

Even though he's 88 years old, the former NHL coach is still one of the best hockey heads the sport has ever seen. An organization that has the luxury of getting his opinion is a lucky organization. On that note, Bowman was asked if he would like to return to the Habs organization as a consultant.

"I'm not closing the door, but I'm not opening it either. I have a lot of great memories and I have no regrets there. I wish them the best."

"I think there will be positive vibes around this club. It's not that far from the goal."

"I thought they got some good players. I like what they've done. Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton are doing a great job."

"The two teams I've followed the most are Montreal and Detroit. I started with the Canadiens' school club after being a scout in Peterborough and when I got behind the bench (in 1971), we won the cup in my second season." - Scotty Bowman

Knowing how the new CH administration likes to surround itself with people, it wouldn't be surprising if Bowman gets a call in the next few days...

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Scotty Bowman back with the Montreal Canadiens? The door is not closed

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